About the Continuum FCP 2021 Public Beta category

Welcome to the Continuum FCP 2021 Public Beta forum!

We are delighted to start sharing the huge new set of 2021 features with you and are deeply excited to hear your thoughts.

The Continuum FCP 2021 Public Beta will use this forum as the primary communication mode. You can interact with the forum directly on our website or via email by configuring your forum notification preferences to receive ongoing or digest versions of the forum posts. Updated installers and release notes will be posted as new topics on this forum.

Beta Cycle:
The Continuum FCP 2021 Public Beta is expected to last roughly three months, although the exact duration may vary based on the evolution of the product. The public beta includes a free, pre-installed license good through June 30th, 2021. Not all features will be available in the first beta, but new beta updates will roll out periodically.

Beta Testing:
It is always a good idea to backup your projects before working with them in beta builds. As always with beta software, some features may not be ready for use in a production environment. We aim to maintain project compatibility with future beta updates, but particularly in these early beta versions you may find that some saved projects and presets will not migrate forward as the effect definitions and templates evolve. There is a real chance you won’t be able to open a project with Alpha/Beta effects in future betas or with the proper release candidate. Our best advice is to not use this Beta build on professional work unless you like to live dangerously. Your Continuum 2020.5 projects (and older) should all come forward seamlessly into the beta version, however, so please let us know if you see any problems opening older projects. Just make sure you keep backups of older projects before opening them with the beta version.

Tips for posting:

  • Note that there are many different categories on the full Boris FX forum site, so please specify this Continuum FCP 2021 Public Beta category when creating new topics.
  • Please create new topics for specific issues to help keep the discussion organized.
  • When reporting bugs please make sure you include as much information as possible including:
    • Version of Continuum beta (there will be multiple updates)
    • Detailed steps to reproduce
    • OS version
    • Host and Host Version
    • Hardware specs including GPU
    • Crash report contents (in the event a macOS crash report is posted)

Happy Testing!

Howdy, any update on when you will support M1 Macs? I’d love to help test!

I was wondering the same thing?

We do not have a date set for M1 support for Continuum, but it is a ways off yet.