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  1. Continuum FCP or Free BCC+ Looks filter for FCP?
  2. Version of mac0S?
  3. Intel or M1 processor?


How’s the development going for Continuum 2022 for FCP? Will Mocha tracking be available within it?

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We will have some exciting information very soon!

@epdfilm Today, your wishes for Continuum in FCP have been realized with the official public release of Continuum FCP 2022! The release includes 11 brand new filters (brings total count of BCC filters to over 100 in this host), 15 brand new transitions which include the FX Editor custom GUI, over 450 new presets (brings total preset count to something around 5000) and … MOCHA tracking and masking in every filter along with the full Pixel Chooser matte and masking system. And to top it off, a totally free BCC Looks filter, exclusive to FCP and Motion hosts. Enjoy!

Wow! Thanks Guys

hello the free BCC+looks, work only if I purchase the continuum FCP? Thanks

The free version of BCC+ Looks for FCP/Motion users is 100% free - no strings attached and no purchase necessary.


Just ordered the BCC+ and installed. When I go to FCPX I see the looks in the Effects tab but, it just shoes an orange box with an exclamation mark inside a yellow triangle. Is there something more I should be doing?


I just received an offer to download BCC+ Looks Filter. What a great offer. I would really like to check these filters out. But I only receive an error code while trying to access the free license: «Something has gone wrong. Please review your information and try again.»

I’ve tried several info options. Now I’ve stopped guessing. The information I provide is correct. Would you please mind telling me how to access the licence? Thank you!