Accessing system fonts in Boris Red

There are Fonts that I have recently added to my Windows 10 system that are available in other programs but not available in the Boris Red titler. Any ideas on how I can get Boris Red to access these fonts?

@alan.carroll Hi, i don’t think some fonts will show, i tried installing some for Boris Title Studio but they didn’t show, they show in every other program tho, they have to be TrueType with TrueType Outlines,
I searched all .ttf files on my PC & installed them, once you click on a file & open it, it says at the top TrueType Outlines or Postscript Outlines, sorry i don’t know much about this but only TrueType Outlines showed in Boris, Unless someone knows better.
This one Abbeyline does show but the one at the bottom Kiss Boom doesn’t,

That’s really helpful, thanks for posting. Interestingly, these fonts were available to me on my Windows 7 computer in the Avid FX version of Boris Red, just not on my Windows 10 computer with Boris Red and Avid 2021. I’ll follow up the ttf angle.
Thanks again.

@alan.carroll :+1: I ticked the little box, File name extensions at the top of a folder under the View tab with This PC selected to display file name extensions on the files, so it searched the whole computer

, I right clicked on the folder window & set Group by type, then put .ttf in the search box n let it do it’s thing, It found 700 but some were copies or files that were related in some way, By setting Group by Type you can just select the .ttf TrueType files, if you search (it took my PC 15-20mins-ish) then select Group by Type it’ll start searching again :tired_face: i copied them to a separate folder, The pictures above you can only open about 9 at a time & click instal but if you go to settings & type Fonts there’s a box where you can drag n drop loads, it’ll tell you some are already loaded, i just clicked OK, whatever you say :man_shrugging: There’s some that are just symbols, :joy: but at least i’ve got all i can have. :+1:

Excellent, thank you for the tips.
As it turned out there were only a couple of fonts that I use frequently that weren’t ttf, and so I used an online program called Convertio to convert them to ttf. All good now.
I appreciate your help and the information you provided.