Accidently Deleted the Basic Emitter

I was trying out the Particle Illusion standalone for the first time and accidently deleted the custom basic emission from the library. I tried reinstalling the program and it seems that the asset is permanently deleted. Is there any workaround, like a method that to resets my library?

Hi, how did you delete the basic emitter?

I was using the nodes and thought I was clicked on the emitter within the node display. So, when I deleted the emitter I thought that I was deleting the node. Instead, I permanently deleted it from the library. Basically, I had the nodes highlighted to delete and I accidently highlighted the basic emitter in the library and thought I was deleting the emitter in the node rather than in the library.

I know there is a prompt but I foolishly did not read it fully before confirming. Also, I just started this program like an hour ago so, if I make any mistakes regarding the names for certain features/displays in the program that is why.

The Custom folder is in C:\ProgramData\BorisFX\UserEmitterLibraries, - Custom.il3
if you copy that & rename it you can create a personal folder, i have one called Gids,il3
the emitters that are in that Custom folder are in the 2021 emitter library that can be downloaded

Boris Legacy download page, in my pic above the 2021 properties says Product Version 14.0.0

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Thank you for the assistance!

Is this the msg you got, you can only delete emitters from the Custom library or ‘custom’ libraries you create, the ones with yellow dot next to them

Yeah, my custom folder has a yellow dot next to them. However, I downloaded the particle emitters addon and the 2021 folder has the basic emitter. So, I think the problem is fixed.

Ok, did you have 2021 already installed? you can only delete it from the one with the yellow dot next to it.

Just as you can’t delete from the other libraries, you can’t save to those either, you can only save to the Custom libraries :+1: Glad you seem to be sorted tho :+1:

Note that the “Basic Emitter” and similar that are in the Custom library are also in another locked library – do a search on “basic” and you’ll find it. You can add it to the stage, then select the custom library that you unintentionally modified, then add the emitter from the stage to that Custom library.