Activating a license via commandline app bfx-license-tool

Hey all,

I am able to activate my Mocha Node locked license via the GUI from within Mocha, however when I try the same thing from the command line, it says it’s for a different host product.

On the command line I am using the following:

/opt/isl/MochaPro2020.5/bin/bfx-license-tool/bfx-license-tool --activate XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

And it says:

ERROR: Activation failed: This license is for a different host product. Can not install it here.

Is this a mistake on my end? Am I using this wrong? I think that should be correct according to the help message on the tool.

@martinb, going to ping you on here!


Using Centos7 Linux MochaPro2020.5

Hi! Please contact support for licensing questions and support, you can find the contact form here:

Or for more help, you can also check out our FAQ Section or call us at 1-888-77-BORIS.