Activation Error Code after updating Optics to Version 2022.5.1


A few days ago i updated my Windows Version of Optics Standalone, Photoshop/Lightroom Version to Version 2022.5.1

I was asked to reenter my Activation Key and after i did i got the following Error Code:

Error -153 requestion activation Rehostable hostid exists (-153) 0x7f26da. (Screenshot attached).

BorisFX support suggested to fully uninstall Optics and then delete the rlm folder in the following path:


I uninstalled Optics but there was no rlm folder in the given path.

The only place where i find a rlm folder is under C:\ProgramData\GenArts\rlm
but there are lots of sapphire lic files and i don’t know if i should delete those.

Got any suggestions?

Kind regards


2022-11-10 15_40_23-Window

Hi Robert,

I went through something similar recently, with Optics. I have the suite, everything was activating except Optics, and my error message was different, however Tech Support suggested that I would activate through Sapphire, meaning activate Sapphire first and that would trigger activation for the rest of the software.

After a few hoops, I ended up deactivating everything through the Application Manager, deleting all leftover licenses manually, and uninstalling everything thoroughly and reinstalling, and that fixed it. My license files were also under \GenArts. I suppose you could try that too and then reactivate everything starting with Sapphire?

(You also seem to have some demo licenses in there, maybe those are conflicting somehow).

C:\ProgramData\GenArts\rlm is the license folder. I suspect the floating client license is causing the issue. Try moving that file out of the RLM folder and see if you can activate Optics.

Heya Kyriakos,

i uninstalled Optics and Sapphire and after that i deleted the rlm folder then reinstalled Sapphire first and activated it without any Problems. Optics activation gives me the same error message then before.

I moved the floating and demo lics out of the folder but Optics activation still not possible.

I suggest working through the issue with support.

Heya all,

Tech support created a license file for me. All working now. It even removed a bug which i had earlier.

Happy editing guys!


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