Activation keeps resetting


I’m having an issue with Mocha Pro AE plug in that I’ve been using fine I didn’t update anything but out of no where the activation window pops up whenever I start Mocha. I put in my activation key and it tells me my license was successfully activated.

It then gives me a messaging saying:
“Your software license has been changed. The Mocha Pro Plugin UI will now close to reset the license conditions.”

Mocha closes and when I reopen it just has the same activation screen it started with. I have an annual subscription so nothing should have changed with my license.

Help figuring this out asap would be greatly appreciated since this is now delaying work deadlines for me. Thank you!

Hello @zac ! To help solve your problem, please share your license key and log file privately to
To find the log file, you need open Mocha, to go Help/View log, then save and send that .txt file.