Activation Serial # Not Sent In Email

Hey, so i downloaded the trial version, but never got the email of the activation key. I checked my spam folder and also found nothing. Would love it if someone could send me one manually? Really wanna test this product out.

Still no email :disappointed_relieved:

You should not need an activation key in order to use the trial version. (At times in the past this was necessary, but not anymore.) Just run the installer and skip entering any activation key information if prompted for it. The software should run normally except of course that it will watermark.

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HI I’m having the same issue.

I downloaded a trial version of Continuum for Avid on Mac and its asking for Activation Key which I haven’t gotten in my inbox or spam folder. Can you help me with this? It won’t allow me to skip this step in install.

In the license pane you should see an option that says “Complete installation without entering a license” which you can select to continue in trial mode. If all you see is the pane saying Enter Activation Key, then you are already one level too deep - just hit the Back button to go to the previous window where you can proceed without activating. If this doesn’t help, please include a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the license window.