Add glow to Title Sudio in Avid

Hi All
I need to add a glow or glint to a 3D title I created in Title Studio. I want to add it to only the title but there’s no alpha to limit the glow.
What’s the work around.

Hi, Tim.

Can you elaborate a bit more. Are you saying you don’t want the glow/glint to extend outside the title’s alpha shape at all? I.e. should the glow be clipped to the same shape as the text’s alpha channel? If so then you could use Continuum Fast Film Glow or Glint, Glitter, or Glare and then set the PixelChooser matte group to use the alpha channel as a mask for the glow. Or do you want the glint/glow to extend naturally from the text and grow the alpha channel accordingly?

What host are you in?

Hi. Thanks for getting back to me.
I completely missed the Multi Effect start button which would have fixed all my problems.



Glad you discovered a solution. Note that in Continuum 11 and higher we simplified the workflow for maintaining alpha channels between effects in Avid. You no longer need to set the Multi Effect Start/Mid/End buttons and can instead just set the Background Layer to none in filters where you want to let the alpha channel flow through to the next filter. This allows sharing alpha channels with Sapphire filters in Avid as well.

The help docs page here has a couple sections on maintaining alpha channels in Avid - both for newer and older versions of Continuum: