Adding already created layers to an existing?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there is a way to take one of my existing layers and add it another existing layer?

I am aware of the layer join tool. Where I can create any number of rotos to the current layer. But a common issue I have is after I created say ,10 layers, I then say "oh I should have put 5 of these layers into Layer 1.? Crap!

If there is a way I can’t find it.

Thanks a bunch,


Hi there, Lou,

No, there is no way to add existing layers together. But that might not be what you want to do. If you’ve done roto on a bunch of different layers, you can always just link them to the original layer track, no big deal. They will come in as separate shapes anyway in the export. Also, you’ll end up having more keyframes for roto if you have too many articulated shapes on one layer.

Why do you need them all on layer one?


I would like to combine two existing layers to one currently, because I am trying to remove two objects in the scene that overlap each other, and when I remove one it creates a pretty crazy blend of what was underneath the other, no matter what order I have them in the layer stack.

Undo all your renders in your layers and re-render with proper layer order. It’s probably reading older renders.

I have tried undoing the renders in the edit < undo render all frames, but it doesnt work. Even when I add another spline to the same layer after the fact the remove will not affect within that pixel area.

Do I need to delete cached frames from a folder?

Oh, ok, this is remove and not insert, sorry. I would take my roto shapes and render them out as one mask, since that’s what you wanted to do originally. Then load that back into mocha as your remove layer. It will be faster and it will look better.

Can you send me a screenshot? I can’t tell what to fix from text.