Adding an element to the stage problems

What is the mystery with being able to consistently add an emitter to the stage?

I know there is an annoying bug where the “double click rate of the mouse” needs to be somehow “appropriate” for one to be able to add an emitter to the stage but is there another way to add an emitter to the stage aside from doubled clicking the mouse? It is a very irritating thing to be trying to add an emitter by double clicking the mouse and it gets ignored for whatever reason, and then magically works again using a non-preferred emitter.

Please advise,


I sometimes have trouble with double clicking. Sometimes a triple click works. Mostly I just single click directly on to the stage.

Good news: we’ve fixed the double-click issue in v2023, which will be released in the very near future.

Oooo I like the sound of this, I’ve been keeping a regular eye on the homepage to see if PI gets a new release inline with all the others recently. Looking forward to seeing what new features will be included :slight_smile: