Adding and removing points thorughout the timeline

Hello everyone,

In Mocha Pro V5, as I track my footage I see that I need to add and remove tracking points throughout the sequence.

Specifically there are some frames where I need more detail and some I need less detail so far as tracking points are concerned.

Since I am new at this I am wondering what are the best practices in adding and removing tracking points.

Taking advantage of the tutorials, I am already breaking up the shapes into smaller logical areas for tracking purposes. But still there are times when I need a lot of points and sometimes when I need very few. I assume I can add and remove tracking points as needed – but again what are the best practices.



You can always add and remove shapes when tracking, and change any amount of splines using add to x-spline. You can simply select redundant shapes and delete them. But you do not use “tracking points” in mocha, only shapes to look for texture. I want to be clear on that point. And you need to track similarly moving objects, that is objects that are moving in the same planar way, when you use multiple shapes.


Thanks, Mary, that’s good information :slight_smile: And I understand what you are saying

I should have made myself clearer (but what you said in reply is still helpful>) I have already did my tracking to stabilize my video. In your training videos you made it clear that we first need to have a rock solid stabilized video before rotoscoping etc.

What I am doing now is doing my “rotoscoping” my video, as you have demoed in your various training videos. And that’s where I am dealing with ädding and removing" the “points”. So based on your response, I assume I can add and resume points as needed. (I am keeping in mind your video tutorials where you make it clear that you look for the big changes in the subject, and keep the rotoscoping equally spaced apart and if possible not too close together.)

Hee hee!

I have another question dealing with frizzy hair – but I’ll save that for a second question coming up soon :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!! You are incredible in so many ways!


Definitely if you’re going to stabilize then you should stabilize before you do anything else to the footage.

OK, so no, you can’t add and remove points and have them pop on and off, but you can always add points using the add points to spline tool (looks like an arrow with a plus sign). If you remove points, it removes them for the whole shape and if you add them it adds them for the whole shape. But it will add them in a relative location.

For frizzy hair, I am letting you know right now, most folks rebuild that kind of thing. They roto close to the head and rebuild hair with open splines and strokes. Or 3D hair. Or they pull a garbage matte and hope for the best. Alice in Wonderland? They rebuilt her hair.


Happy to help. :slight_smile:

Hi Mary.

Thanks for that info.

Also, is it an option – depending on the situation of the content – rotoscoping loose around the frizzy hair in Mocha Pro – and then after bringing in the mocha info back into Afte rEffects and applying it to the video – using some of the after effects tools (such as refine edge) to deal with some of the frizzy hair. I assume you are going to say – Sure – that’s an option too! :slight_smile:

I’ll have to check out Alice (in Wonderland) – maybe there are some “behind the scenes” videos of how they dealt with Alice’s hair. Hee hee!


In Alice, they rebuilt the hair with hair sims. In 3D. Not the best option to be faced with.

For AE and garbage mattes with “refine edge” and all sorts of matting tools? Sure, your mileage may vary.