Adding camera movement to still tripod shot


Could someone please tell me what the best plugin/s from BCC or Sapphire might be to allow me to use camera movement from one clip and add the same movement on to another clip that was a fixed tripod shot. Is this something I can do with Mocha?



Well, you can track the movement of one shot in Mocha then export the tracking data to the locked shot with either transform or corner pin data however it depends on a couple of factors:

  1. If there is any perspective or depth movement in the moving shot. This may look weird if you apply it to a locked shot with near-objects in the frame.
  2. If there is any tilt/pan/roll in the tripod shot. This would require stabilizing first.

What compositor or editor are you using?


Hi Martin,

Ok sounds good. I’m using Media Composer. The tripod shot is completely stationary, focusing on a conversation between two people, shot straight on from shoulder. To avoid any weird perspective shift when applying the data to the static clip, would I be able to just capture the X and Y movement of the shoulder clip and ignore/uncheck the other directions?



Hmm in Media Composer it may be slightly more convoluted, but it’s still doable.
Actually, you could do this a fairly unconventional way but it would still work in theory. Have you used Mocha before?


Haha, ok cool. Yes I’ve been using it mainly for roto masking and comping on the current project, and I’m familiar with the stabilization function in it a bit.


Ok, so one approach then in Media Composer could be:

  1. Set your project up as V1 containing the locked footage and V2 containing the moving footage.
  2. Apply Mocha to the moving footage layer on V2
  3. Open the mocha GUI
  4. Track the scene using translation (and maybe scale and rotation)
  5. Turn on the surface and align it to the first frame
  6. Select “Insert Layer” from the Insert clip. This should now show your locked layer as the insert clip
  7. Adjust the bounds of the surface and play back the clip.
  8. Render the insert composite (or just insert) back on the timeline in Media Composer.


Great I’ll give this a shot and let you know how it goes.