Adding hair on face with mocha mask

am new to mocha mask i have tracked a simple scene of a person looking at a camera strait , its a simple video shot , and now i have exported the mocha mask to after effects , how do i now add beard using mocha mask ?

Several ways. Have you painted a beard? If not, one way of adding a beard is to try taking an image of a beard, corner pinning it to the person’s face, and using a “darken” blending mode to put it on. Then use a mocha mask to mask the beard into place. The mask is not the same as a track.


just like we use clean-plates in mocha to edit face or edit part of the face save it , is there a way i can use this trick on after effects.


i tried rendering out a psd of specific frame of the face in after effects edited the psd in adobe photoshop and now when i try and attach the psd to null it dont look right , it goes either off or dont look normal .


i just want a simple approche to bloat up a persons nose or maybe add beard using psd , i have done what you told me it looks good how ever i have a small problem near the chin area since the person on video opens his mouth the beard dont move with the skin il send you video update so you can take look what am doing

You’re going to want to corner pin it, not use a null. And you’ll probably have to warp it. Unfortunately, this is a lot harder in mocha AE, but easy in mocha Pro.

You can use the puppet tool to get the warp right: Boris FX | Videos

OR you can use mocha Pro’s insert module: Boris FX | Mocha Pro: Insert Module

hi mary i have mocha pro 4.1.2 my question was the procedure to removee logo on mocha using remove module , can this procedure be used in after affects , using tracking data or matt this is what i was looking for cheeers.

one thing cool about mocha removal is u can edit the face in photoshop and then click remove and that will make the new changes , this is cool but problem comes in when the colour of the surface changes because of sunligh.


i am looking to do similar thing with after effects , using mocha data or matt + clean plates +psd to remove tatoo

Hi, sorry, I was confused. I thought we were talking about how to put beards on in AE. OK, so right now, the remove module can only be done using mocha Pro, so no, there’s no way to repeat the process just in AE without tracking in clean plates with a corner pin to get a similar but not exact copy of the technique. We are coming out with a plugin that will render the remove to your AE timeline, but it’s not out yet and still isn’t done within AE. You can also try stabilizing the background and then “erasing” the logo with rotopaint inside of AE.

But, to make a simple add on of a beard or a simple enlargement of the nose, use the insert module in mocha Pro with the grid warp tool. That’s your best bet.

Either way the remove tool is doing a series of complex image processing algorithms to adjust lighting and for what you are talking about it is not the best solution. You will have to correct lighting changes by hand on inserted or cornerpinned objects.

thanks alot your information helped me alot.

i cant wait to se your new plugin this will be a killer plugin , when is it out.

erm about the beard thing , am trying to focus more in after effects then using mocha remove because am still learning after effects and trying to get the hang of it removing objects adding objects , and so on am not doing to bad to be honest , i have used the mocha remove it works very good but the lightning on plainer gives me a problem so this is not good for me.

i can use the corner ping on a persons face and add a beard that i can do now , but trying to make it more realistic when the persons mouth opens a little or chin moves up and down am only trying to move the beard area that is near to the chin.


in short words trying to make the beard react to each side of the skin , both side of cheeks , chin ,nose , eye browse , i seen this tutorial on youtube how to use the ( pupet tool ) am still learning this how to pickwip track to pupet points.

omg i think i found tutorial look


mocha and after effects using cleanplate

You’re going to have to do a bunch of different planar tracks to create that sort of look, so you’ll need several corner pins to get that to work. And yeah, you’re definitely going to have to do a puppet tool thing to do that. There’s mesh warps, but they don’t move with our data. Pretty sure you can do it though. :slight_smile:

He’s actually only tracking the mouth area, so it’s one corner pin worth of info. But if you do the whole face you’re going to have an issue with blending the corner pins together. If your beard is a goatee or something, you’re fine.

thats exactly what i was looking for , thanks alot please let us know when the new plugin is out.


also can u tell us what other new plugins mocha is making , also is it possible to fix the lightning thing in removal if that can be fixed omg

The lighting thing in removal is fixed, it’s working as intended. There’s a limitation with blending shadows in the same way photoshop has a limitation with the heal tool for the same task. You can try interpolate instead of linear and it will do it’s best, but it might flicker if the light changes too much. We are always trying to improve the tech, but mapping shadows back into a place realistically and automatically is definitely a difficult challenge.

The mocha Pro plugin is the plugin we are working on right now, for all hosts. We don’t have a new plugin on the horizon other than mocha Pro. The Boris FX folks are always working on new plugins though!