Adding/importing nw material styles to Title studio


how does one add or import new material style, say like glass to start into Title Studio’s material styles.

Hi there,

In Title Studio you can use any jpeg image as a standard material type and .dds images for reflection maps. Just drag the image that you wish to us into the appropriate folder and relaunch Title Studio and they will appear with the factory installed images.

For location, search for a folder labelled “Shaders 64” on your system and in that folder you will find an Images folder. Place the images into that folder for Title Studio to find them on launch.


Hi, struggling a bit with this, I found Shaders64,
C:\Program Files\BorisFX\ContinuumOFX\15\lib\Shaders64\Images
I placed a simple chequered sq jpg, but whichever material style I look in in TS it’s not there, standalone or plugin?

Well that particular folder is only for .dds files - pop a custom .dds into that folder and it will appear as a new reflection map option.

Try putting the checker image into this folder : WIN - C:\Program Files\Boris fx, Inc\BCC Presets (version number)\Custom Textures.

Ok, thanks, I put a .dds image in that folder, & i put the jpg in,
I also put the jpg in Custom Textures, neither show in any of the Materials options,
“reflection map option” do you mean material option?

On the Timeline box, there’s Shaders-color under Front Material, top left i have Material Attributes, a drop down that lets me choose a few options inc Texture,

If i choose Texture i can pick an Image file by clicking at the end in the Timeline box - Shader - color,
both of the dds & jpg show & both load onto the extruded text, but after that there’s no way to get the option color back in the drop down at the top left,
I keep trying to work with TS, because it’s quite complex I think it can do a lot & I would like to ‘like’ it, mainly why i joined this thread, but TS is a bit frustrating sometimes, I quite often give up,
Thanks for your time, i think i’ll just stick to the already installed options & work with them,

P.S. i just worked out how to get just Color back, :man_shrugging::man_facepalming::joy:

I’ve found the best way to do this is to apply an inbuilt material style to the Shape track, then select the Change Track Media icon on the Texture track entry. This will have a check mark against Image File. Select this entry and you’ll be prompted to select an image file. Navigate to your image and select Open. You can then save this material style as a custom style. Job done.


Hi Peter

I am a bit new to this material and texture stuff, so is there any good site on the web to acquire them Both ?


Hi Drew.
Just do a search on Goggle for wallpaper. There’s thousands of images out there that you can use. Just don’t fall foul of copyright though.

ok i will try and look up for some glass ones

roger that on the copyright stuff!

Thanks Jack


doing a search, i came across these,
C:\ProgramData\BorisFX\Continuum\15\Presets\Custom Textures
found no presets in C:\program files\borisFX… added the dir in the continuum\15\BCC Presets\15\Custom Textures. they were a no show

but can they one be used as well?

taking a look at them, i think they are the TS material images.
so would i make a custom material dir in the presets dir?

ok i copied and renamed one of them, restarted TS, no change, so they might not be TS’s