Adding my own "gobo" images to the Light effect

Hi all. I’m new to Optics, and blown away!
One of the main uses will be to add light and shadow effects to portraits via the “Light” preset, that has lots of built in window and foliage options.

However, over the years I have collected my own light and shadow overlays (typically .png or jpeg) and I’d like to have them show up in the list within the Optics Light presets.

Is this possible? Where would I place these files, to make this happen? (I’m on Windows 10)

Thanks in advance

add a light/gobo,
choose your png from Browse
save as Create Custom Preset
this will then show in the Custom section :+1:

PS. if you click the hamburger menu top right of the Presets window on the left - Open Custom Preset Location - that preset is added to a separate folder as an XML doc

Ah, ok. Thanks so much.
It looks like I’ll have to do that for each of my shadow images, then?

You might have to :+1::man_shrugging:
I searched my PC for one of the presets,
3 locations for the same file, they all look like png’s but i don’t know enough to experiment,

Just looking now the one in the middle says BCC, so that might be to do with Continuum that i have :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Sorry to say that the Light patterns do not “auto-scan” the directory. So currently the way to do this is to manually import each of your gobo patterns.

This is a nice feature request that we can log for a future version.

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