Adding smoke/fox/mist with spotlight

It would be cool to add mist/fog/smoke to the spotlight plugin.
Also, why is it so hard to have a proper mist amnd fog plugin.
The ones available are static, whereas mist and fox should have some kind of particle motion.

Hi, if you have Continuum you’ll have Particle Illusion, there’s smoke in there,

So as mentioned, BCC Particle Illusion can be used to produce smoke/fog/mist elements for use in any comp. You can also use the BCC Particle Emitter 3D for that - there are several presets included with that filter that were designed specifically for this purpose (CloudFlyThrough, for example). And you can find an atmospheric fog/smoke/mist option in the BCC Lens Flare 3D filter. And finally, and for you probably most importantly, the BCC StageLight filter includes a smoke option for the volumetric spotlights that this filter generates.

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