Adjust and retrack?

I know it’s probably trivial but getting confused after using other software. Just to clarify.
It’s particularly regarding the remove module but not necessarily. I draw a shape and track it. When I key (adjustment keys) here and there in between do I have to retrack the whole thing so Mocha can factors in "in-between keys"or not?

If you adjust the shape you are not adjusting the track, only the shape.

If you use the Adjust Track module you are making keys to adjust the track.

Re-tracking an animated shape can sometimes give you a better track but it really depends on the shot. Usually Adjust Track is a better way to adjust the track.

Yes when it comes to insert and stuff it makes sense cos we care about the surface not the shapes.
However let’s say when I roto and adjust the shapes in between. Should I retrack to the whole thing for Mocha to factor in those adjustments to get a better track?

With roto, it’s probably not worth it. For a complex track where you have to avoid occlusions and need to re-calculate some tracking areas, yeah, that can be worth it.

I see it’s only worth doing for remove

Well, not necessarily, but when you need a more refined track. That can be Remove or it can be other modules.

Well I meant to say it’s way more important for the remove module to retrack than other modules. According to what you said in the other thread and here. Right?

In general, this is true for any module where you need to retrack complex tracks. The remove module can benefit, so can other modules, depending on the shot. I can’t give you a hard and fast rule that covers all shots, so that I why I am clarifying.