Adjust(keyFrame) Planar surface

I’m sure this is stupid simple but I am really struggling with this one.

Shot is a locked down camera with talent carrying a white board on and off camera.

I can track the whiteboard no problem when it’s all on screen.

Once the talent walks off camera the Planar Surface shrinks or squeezes as the track goes off screen.

Is there some simple way to keyframe the Planar Surface with out it affecting every frame before the new key frame?


I recommend a few things for this shot:

Retrack the surface as it goes off screen with translation only.

Use adjust track to correct any other problem frames. That’s where your keyframing will come in. The surface is a child of the track, and can’t be animated except for in MANUAL TRACK or ADJUST TRACK, or by the track itself.

Manual track will allow you to animate the surface by hand, sometimes, for only 5 or fewer bad frames, this is the best option. (This is right in the track tab, it turns the surface tool into something that actually drive the track. Turn it on and then when you are done, turn it right off. Keyframes are automatic and can be done on previously tracked frames.)

For problem tracks longer than five frames, you will want to use adjust track.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.


Thanks, just using translation helped a lot for the tracks that went off cam.