Adjust parameters in small increments

Is there a way to make small precise parameter adjustments without having to use the rotation function? I find that it is often difficult to make precise adjustments using the rotate mouse function. Perhaps there is a hotkey that allows for smaller incremental adjustments to be made?( i.e. control + drag left-right). Please lmk. Thanks!

You should be able to use the keyboard to put in precise numbers. If you want the parameter at 30, simply type 30.

Thanks yes inputting a number is ok, however I was looking for a way to “trim” the number in smaller more controlled increments. i.e. 30.1 or 29.9 by "sliding that value forward to backward. Maybe something to consider in a future release?

With the rotation control, the wider you send your rotation, the smaller the increment. i.e Big circles = smaller adjustments.

The linear controls in preferences don’t have the same granularity.