Adjust Track Disappears/ Hops Around

Using Mocha Pro 2020.5. On Windows 10. Footage is 360 video at 5760 x 2880.

When trying to create Adjust Track keyframes, the entire red square disappears to the opposite side of a room or sometimes all together. Then I get errors about Unable to Interpolate Adjustment Matrix.

I am also getting the same effect when using x splines, as documented here:

I could work around the x splines but Adjust Track is not working. Sometimes using the nudge tools work but one click too many and boom. It’s gone.

Any tips or ideas as to why the red squares flip to another part of the screen?

This looks like the surface is going behind the camera but it should not be.

However, let’s try to correct the track another way. This shot looks like it needs to be lens solved first, as I can see the curves in the surfaces you are trying to track. Can you try solving for the lens first, then re-tracking and seeing if the tracks get more accurate?

Then we can try adjusting as well?


Since my material is equi, the Camera Solve tab tells me it does not support VR projects. Are you talking about calibrating the lens? That tab does already say equirectangular. Is there a tutorial that shows the process you are referring to?

Sorry, you are right, I didn’t see this was VR somehow.

OK, can you send me the shot at and I will take a look?

Thanks Mary. I’m just waiting for the client to give me permission to share the complete footage.