Adjust track question

Hello, excuse my beginner question but for the life of me I can’t figure out if this a bug, a feature , or I just don’t know how to use it. So the thing is that when I try to use the new adjust track, very rarely it allows me to select the actual points to adjust the track when I am not on the reference frame, most of the time when I try to select them it just grabs the surface itself. I am not sure if I am mistaking somewhere or its actually a bug. Thank you.

Turn on “show layer outline” to display edit points.

I mean the edit points are visible as you can see in the screenshot and this is with the 'show overlay ’ turned off, but I can’t click on them. Actually I tried with the ‘show overlay’ ON and I can actually click on them and its working, but its not supposed to be like that I am pretty sure. Even in the explanation video Boris FX Mocha Pro 2021: Improved AdjustTrack Module - YouTube about the adjust track they have the Overlay off and it still works , mine doesn’t . You can see in the screenshot that I am attaching why I keep the overlay off, its just a mess with it when you try to work with the surface.

It’s the “overlays off” issue is a bug. It’s being fixed in the next patch update, out soon.

Oh okay, thanks for the clarification, I was starting to loose my mind .