Adjust track

hello …
i’ve never figured out how to use adjust track for my roto work, i’m using mocha to track and roto actors, working eye for (an) eye, limb for limb … :slight_smile: . … any way adjust track might come in handy for this kind of roto work? right now i’m tracking as effectively as possible but usually i’ll have to do lot of frame by frame work…afterwards

i do … do …
i thought i could improve my workflow … but obviously i’m doing alright :slight_smile:

Adjust track is for adjusting slight drift on otherwise decent tracks, like for walls and doors and things like that, not for adjusting your tracks for your roto.
If you are rotoscoping people and having trouble getting the track to stay on, start looking for better bits of planar data, like the tops of arms and fronts of faces and chests. Narrow your search area to “better data” by not tracking the fronts and sides of objects at the same time.
Do you understand what I mean?

Well, if you want to experiment with that workflow, you’re welcome to. Just because something’s intended use if different doesn’t mean it can’t be used creatively. :smiley: