Adjusting the overall size of pink Planar Grid

HI can I get an answer on the Pink Planar grid? I want to shrink the over all size. Not the grid count under view>Preferences or in the upper right hand corner twirl down menu.
I want to shrink the grid to my matte area… Now it is full screen where is the adjustment to make it more applicable to my track area?
AND why is it not disclosed under the icon disclosure on the Imagineer website?

Alternately, if you are having trouble seeing the grid, it may mean that your track is bad.
Our interface is in our documentation, what past are you wanting expanded in documentation?
Just as a heads up, everything in mocha is a child of the track, including the spline that mocha uses to track planar data, so when you move the surface and grid anywhere on a layer, they are still driven by the track itself.

The Planar Grid is controlled by the Planar Surface. IOW, you do not directly manipulate the Planar Grid (other than adjusting the internal parameters of the grid, which you already know).
So … try adjusting the Planar Surface accordingly. If this doesn’t work as there is the occasion (with older versions of mocha) where the Planar Surface inexplicably affixes itself onto the full frame. If this is the case, see if duplicating the layer will help you to re-position the Planar Surface.

i don’t know whether Netcommercial’s problem is the same as mine, but when i switched the Planar Grid on, it filled the screen, but the tutorial showed it in perspective and somewhat smaller than the tracking area. the answer was trivial and obvious (in retrospect!): i just needed to select the layer over in the top left Layers panel. hope this helps someone puzzled by this.