Adjusting track on Z axis

Hey guys, I hope I can explain this right!

My conundrum:

I have a successful track used to corner pin a screen in AE (using the amazing MochaImport script). However I need to “push it back” on the Z axis.

How I got here:

We have a piece of footage that’s close up on someone opening up a hunter’s game camera.

On the inside of the door opening up is some setting switches and a little LCD screen. The camera was off when they shot it so I need to insert an LCD screen.

What’s causing the problem:

The screen is set back about a third of an inch from the face of the rest of the panel.

The LCD screen has a lot of reflection on it, so it’s not tracking well. I mask it out and actually track the rest of the non reflective panel.

This tracks perfectly and I can make a corner pin from it. However that corner pin is actually just a little off on the Z axis since the actual physical surface itself is a little offset from the LCD screen I want to comp to.

Is there even a real solution to this? I know I’m not creating a 3D solve out of this, but is there a way to “cheat” the track along the Z axis?



You will almost certainly be able to use adjust track to complete this task. Can you try using adjust track and let me know if that works for you?

Yup, lemme uh… just go watch some adjust track tutorials first! (Haven’t used the feature yet)

Perfect! Let me know!

Worked great, thanks!

Perfect! Happy to help!