AdjustTrack problem in mokey


I’m new with mokey and I was testing the adjustrack tool but the result is not as expected.
I track the cats’ frame in mokey tutorial num 1. After track the four corners as showed in tutorial if I place the surface of this layer into the frame to see the match of the track I can see some drift between the begining and the end of the clip. So I go to adjustTrack tool trying to fix it. I place the four corners of the suface in the correct place in the first and the last frame of the clip to compensate the drift and I click play to see the correction but:

  • on frame number 2 ( or any other frame with no keyframes added ), the corners of the surface jump to the previous incorrect position they were before. There’s no interpolation across the first keyfame ( on frame 1) and the next keyframe ( on frame 101 of the tutorial clip) to compesate the drift.

Is something I’m doing bad with the adjustTrack or is this a bug?