Adobe 2021 PP AE memory issues

I’m testing put a new MacBook pro 16max. 64ram 32gpu model for work at home. Shipped with Monterey.

Using premiere pro 2021. After effects 2021.

If I link a clip inside premiere to a clip in after effect and open a silhouette plug in. There is a memory leak issue. Systems out of memory warning. Silhouette crashes.

If I don’t start in premiere but start in after effects without premier dynamic link the Silhouette plug-in behaves as expected. No memory issues.

I think it has something to due with premier is running m1 native and after effects is Intel Rosetta.

But if I just use AE and Silhouette it is rock solid.

Have you tried running PPro in Rosetta, linking a clip inside PPro to a clip in AE and then open the Silhouette plug in?

No. The easy solution for me was to link any clips. Save pp and ae sessions. Quit pp and ae. Open ae and keep working. Render in ae. Then pull into pp session manually. This has been the most stable and fast version of ae and silhouette I’ve used imo. Can’t wait for everything to be Apple native. It’s going to be great if it’s so good under Rosetta.

Work is under way to make Silhouette fully M1 native.