Adobe GPU support for S_OCIO_Transform possible?

Will it ever happen?

I’d love to be able to use ACES on select shots where we’d like to achieve certain looks otherwise not possible in ‘legacy’ SDR workflows. Especially for things like using glow in Premiere Pro on log footage by sandwiching it between an ACEScg conversion so we could constrain it to true brights in the scene very naturally.

But also in general it could be very nice to use that as the conversion from Raw or Log footage over using workflow limiting conversion LUTs.

The OCIO transform as it is now is ridiculously slow in both Premiere and AE and might only be workable on 1080p material efficiently.

If it’s impossible due to GPU precision issues, what about adding just an input transform for such effects? So upon enabling that you could give the glow an IDT of Arri WG/LogC e.g. and it would convert incoming data internally to ACEScg or something else linear just to use those ranges as a read in for the effect only and remove the need to convert your entire footage back and forth.

Just thinking outloud here, I’m not a programmer :sweat_smile:

Hope this will improve in the future!

We’ll definitely look into it. TBH we haven’t had a lot of feedback on OCIO_Transform, so glad to hear your comments. Please feel free to reach out to me directly via email as I’d like to hear more details.

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I use S_OCIOTransform almost everyday to replace AE’s clumsy color management. It’s a good replacement to the old OpenColorIO plugin that doesn’t work properly (slower in CPU render, clipping highlights in GPU mode).

I am sure that lots of other people use it too. So just adding my voice: GPU rendering would be great!