Adobe Ilustrator File Import For Outline and Shape data

Since you Like Adobe Products How about Adobe Ilustrator File Support For The Spline And Fill.
Outline Becomes outline of shape in Mocha And Fill becomes the shape. Same could be done for SVG Files :slight_smile:
Also since lustrator Has Layers Layers in Ilustrator File could be treated the same way Mocha treates Layers:)Clean Plate (1.1 KB)

Hi there,

That’s an interesting feature request, we can look into it. What would the practical application be?


Take Clean Plate ,Open it Up In Ilustrator. Use Ilustrator to outline the area for the shapes. Save it.Import in into Mocha . Mocha reads the layers in to Mocha and splines the video .

It may be easyer to do the roto from a clean plate open in illustrator knowing Adobe being able to work with
You use a Vector File for the Roto Outline for the spline fill for shape.Just Like you use Clean plate for remove Vector Files can be added in per frame too . I am still Waiting On Mocha 6 Website only has 5.6 up.
Also consider using Luts ,icc and Meta in the Standalone Product Mocha could track in REC2100.
Internally Mocha could enlaged image to the percent greater Rec220 vs Rec 709 &Rec 601 than send image Host Required The New 20 Series Nvidia card now support opencl 2.0.:slight_smile:

OK, I am trying to understand the need for using illustrator. Why would you add the extra step of outlining in Illustrator and not simply outline in Mocha and use that as a master file for other Mocha files with similar shots?

What is the benefit of using illustrator instead of Mocha?

You Ever Use Drawing Tablets like an Claniq in PHotoShop for Editing PHotos?Was it easyier to Use A tablet with A screeen than to rely on mouse?ThePurpose of Illustrator 1 You Like Adobe :slight_smile: 2The Ilustrator uses Layers Like Mocha.Can you make a Plugin for Illustrator to read and write to the .mocha file and or the shape data?
Screen DPI is General 72 ,Illustrator Can go as high as 400. Like you Edit Clean plates in PhotoShop ,Ilustrator Could Edit the Shape data and Create for Mocha. Can you put the Selection tools Like Quickmask in Mocha And Masking Tools Like Remask From TopazLabe :)So Ilustrator would be refining the shape data Like you use PotoShop For the CleanPlate.When I op[ened the CleanPlate I found what seemed to be Artifacting.

For Stuff that help would help Mocha Try NVIDTA 20 Series Cards With OpenCL 2.0 (RTX 2070,RTX 2080) Very fast with openCL.

The Bottom Photo I hade to make a Picture So it woukd upload.

Sure, I will submit the feature request, I just need to know why it was useful to do so so I can log that. Thank you.

For the record, just in case you didn’t know, you can use a tablet to roto in Mocha. :slight_smile:

Just Got 2019 waiting on my serial number :slight_smile: