Adobe Media encoder | error: Initializing mocha. refresh cached frames as necessary after initialization completes

I have directional blur placed on a clip and used mocha to track. Pr plays the file just fine. When I go to render using Media encoder, I get the burned in message on my clip. No error or fault. I can render out of Pr without any issue, but Media encoder is having an issue. any idea on how to fix or workaround?

Hi Brian,

Wow, that’s interesting and a new one for us. Is is possible that Media Encoder is on another drive or rendering over a network?

We’ll attempt to reproduce the error here - can you please tell me what platform you’re working on (Win/Mac) and what version of Continuum and Adobe PP/ME you are using?


Hi Brian,

I tried to reproduce the error that you’re reporting but to no avail. I was able to render in the Premiere Pro timeline just fine and the same holds true for Media Encoder - I rendered the effect without error or watermark.

We might need additional info from you in order to reproduce the issue, per my prior message.


Hi Peter,
I’m on windows 10
Pr. v14.7
Me v14.9
boris continuum 21.5 (great new features).

Thanks Brian - checking this on my Win 10 system next. Thus far, in the tests that we’ve run, we are not seeing the error that you describe on the Mac OS.

I’ve had zero luck in reproducing the error that you’re seeing Brian. You might want to use the Win control panel to uninstall the Continuum software, then reinstall Continuum. Please let us know if this helps.

Hi, Brian,

It suspect it might be timing related. Would it be possible to get a copy of your project file (even without media)? You could send it via private message on the forum to either Peter or I.


hi Jason, Peter,
Attached is Pr project. it’s a fairly large project linking to multiple files and dynamically linked to Ae. the clip causing the Media Encoder grief is a straight up shot with no speed or time ramps. it’s at 04:46:00Pr proj for (544.7 KB)

I just uninstalled bcc, then reinstalled it. same error persists. Just in media composer. rendering directly out of Pr is fine.

Hi Jason,
I uploaded the project file to the forum.
Today, I got the same burnt in error, which my client saw.

I might try a reinstall of adobe since the reinstall of boris did not help.

Hi Brian,

I downloaded the project file that you provided but Premiere wouldn’t open it. Could you please zip the file and resend it?