Adobe Premier crashing with Mocha

I’ve used Mocha quite extensively on many projects. However, this is my first 4K project. Mocha Continuum is frequently causing Premier to lock up when I launch it. The window launches, and I just get a grey background, instead of the video frame; then Premier locks up.
This happens sometimes with BCC+Beauty Studio; and it seems to happen all the time with BCC+Blur.
Can you please help?
Thanks :slight_smile:

We are not aware of any systematic issues, so please provide as much detail as possible including the version of Premiere, OS version, Continuum version, hardware specs, etc. Also please zip and send your Mocha and BCC log files to me directly: jclement at borisfx dot com



Thanks for sending the log files. Those don’t show any specific errors being logged unfortunately so no obvious clues.

A couple things to try.
-Are your nvidia drivers up to date?
-Looks like you are on Continuum 2022. Would you be able to try Continuum 2022.5 to see if it’s any different in the newer version?


I’ve updated my drivers, and my version of Continuum. I have not had a lot of time today to work on my video, but initially it does look like it’s working now! I will hopefully get more time tomorrow to get more in depth, but I have hope. Thank you!