Advanced Mesh/Warper Use

Hi, I am testing out mocha pro to see if it can become part of our pipeline. Want to know how to do the following things, it seems they’re not intuitive.

  1. Select and move multiple mesh points

2.Add keyframes to mesh points (without moving them)

3.Identify a mesh point in dope sheet (I see they’re labeled via a grid with X/Y but having to count out where it is on the grid to identify its location in the dope sheet is not a valid solution)

Hi Samuel,

You need to be in the insert tool, turn the grid tool off, that you won’t be able to manipulate.

In the insert tool, you will need to turn on the mesh warp tool. Simple select points and move them, they will automatically generate keyframes.

In the dope sheet, look for the layer your mesh warp is on. Open the layer up, inside you will see the insert, under insert look for wapr or mesh, and that’s where your keyframes will be.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.



Thanks for getting back to me! Honestly didn’t expect a response, forums are so hit & miss.

Here we go:

  1. I am in the insert tool, have the mesh warp tool on & I see the mesh. All good to this point. I click and drag to select multiple points, still good. Now when I go to move, I click on one of the selected and here is my problem. The only one that moves is the one I click to grab… even though I have multiple highlighted, when I go to move only the one I grab will move…

  2. Is there a way to add keyframes to the mesh without moving any of the points? As you know, If I have to move it to keyframe this can cause wiggle, I need it to be static and hold its current state.

  3. I see the dope sheet & the keyframes, it there a way to look in my viewer at a specific mesh point and tell what that points name is? so then I can find it in the dope sheet? I.E. “What is the name in the dope sheet of the top right corner mesh point?” or any other mesh point…