Advanced Roto Question - managing spline points

What’s the best strategy for managing spline points on a complex shape that changes over time?

For example, what do you do when a complex contour that needs many points to be accurately captured changes to a simple contour that could be outlined with just a couple points?

How do you deal with what are now a bunch of unneeded points?

Since we want to outline with the fewest points possible what’s the best practice in this situation?


You can simply overlap the shapes and use them all on the same area, so a simple shape and then animate a complex shape over the top, and back to complex if you need it. You can animate the unused shapes offscreen when you need to.

That is how I would do it anyway.


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In other words, use multiple shapes in the same layer, switching between simple and complex depending on the outline and moving the unused shape offscreen when not needed?

What advantage would there be to multiple shapes in the same layer, vs duplicating the complex shape into a new layer, deleting the unused points and keeping it offscreen when not needed?

Definitely use shapes on different layers. Shapes on the same layer add where they don’t intersect and subtract where they do intersect. Because you want overlapping shapes, you want different layers. I used the wrong word above and corrected myself.

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Gotcha, makes sense. Thanks!