Advanced UI always crashes and tutorials don't match the BCC add-on for Corel VideoStudio 2018

I’m using CorelVideo Studio 2018 with the BCC add-on.

My issues are:

  • The UI crashed/never opened & Corel froze 100% of the time I have clicked advanced UI.
  • User documentation is lacking for my version. I figured out myself how to open the suite via the effect panel, but was expecting much more support. The tutorials I’ve found don’t match my interface enough for me to follow along.

When I click advanced UI, it doesn’t open anything but Corel freezes and the only move I can make from there is closing it with the task manager. I am working with support regarding the crashing but still need user instructions.

There is no help file under Help for my version; when I click Filter Help File, nothing happens.

I tried following the lower-thirds title tutorial a while back and the controls didn’t match what I have. I just looked for this tutorial again on Title Studio Basics and the link doesn’t work. Maybe I originally found it on another page.

Hello, Sorry to hear that you’re encountering difficulty with Title Studio. We haven’t been able to reproduce the hanging issue in our QA lab, however I have a few questions, that might help point us in the right direction:

Would you be able to tell me the specs of your system, including your graphics card?

You’ve mentioned that some of the tutorials you’ve been looking at don’t match your UI. Currently, your screenshots show that you have access to the FX Browser. Have you been able to launch the advanced UI prior to this? or has it always caused your system to hang?
Most of the Tutorials online are based off of the main (advanced) Title Studio UI which allows for greater customization of existing presets.

Although there are some differences in the UI between Title Studio 11 (which is available for Corel 2018) and the current Title Studio 2019, the overall look and layout are largely the same, so any tutorials for Title Studio in Corel 2018 would be the same as those for Title Studio in general.

We are currently aware and working on an update to the Lower Third Tutorial that you mentioned, and that should be available soon.

In terms of assistance with user instructions, if you have a specific question about working with Title Studio, I’d be glad to assist. I can answer your questions, provide a walkthrough if needed, or direct you to a specific tutorial.

All the Best,