I need advice on tracking a moving object inside a moving object. I need to replace the logo of this watch and want to track and isolate the the second hand.

To do this you would track the hand area first, then track the logo with a layer underneath, like so:

  1. Draw a shape around the hand fairly tightly but keep some of the background edge inside the mask
  2. Track in perspective, with Min % Pixels used at about 90. Auto channel may be useful here to capture the blue more clearly.
  3. You may also want to set the “Angle” parameter to about 10 to capture any rotation. The hand is moving slowly enough that it might track okay, but the angle parameter may help
  4. Once the hand is tracked, draw a new layer for the logo and drag it UNDER the hand layer so the first mask you drew will help occlude the hand from the track. You can see this occlusion by turning on track mattes in the matte view drop down in view controls.
  5. Track the logo as normal.

Sorry, I was out of the office for IBC and a UK trip, glad Martin got you sorted though!