AE CC 2014 no longer launches Mocha Pro v3

Just got surprised by this new development. Any way to get latest AE CC to launch my Mocha Pro v3 or am I being forced to jump to v4 for this to work?



The most recent version of After Effects cannot open mocha V3 unfortunately. We are waiting to hear from Adobe as to when we can address this in the next update.
In the meantime you will need to open mocha manually from your Applications folder and load the footage.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Any update on this? Ae CC 2014 (v13.2.0.49) still won’t launch mocha Pro v3 from the Animation menu.

I believe we are still waiting on a fix for this, I can confirm with the dev team. Let me check.

It looks like this will be fixed with the next mocha AE CC update. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks for following up, Mary!