AE crash when tracking with Mocha


Trying to tracking a 26 sec video, but when I launch the tracking with Mocha, AE and Mocha itself they crash.
I have the same Mac as a colleague of mine who is not having this problem.
Do you have any suggestions ?

Thank you

Hi Christopher,

It sounds like you have an unsupported graphics card. Please go into your Mocha preferences before you start tracking and turn GPU acceleration off under the GPU tab. Then you will need to save and close mocha and restart after effects and this problem should be solved for you.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help.


Hi Mary,

Thank you for your help, I turn off GPU acceleration but it doesn’t change the result; it crashes :confused:
I also saved and restarted AE and verified after, nothing…

Can you send me a screenshot of the GPU tab and I can see if anything looks off?

Thank you Mary

Hi Christopher,

That looks right and you’ve said you restarted, so it must not be the GPU. So can you tell me if you’re getting any error or crash report? That might help us get to the bottom of this. Also, what codec are you using for your clip?

Hi Mary,

I’m using a .mov and here are the two error messages that I receive,

Thank you!

message%20erreur_01 message%20erreur_02

OK! That’s an OpenGL error, I believe. Though my French is pretty rusty… :wink:

So it’s likely you need to update your graphics driver and that might solve this issue. What Mac OS version are you on? We do not recommend updating to Catalina yet, is your colleague’s OS an earlier version than yours?


I’m using a 10.12.6 MacBook Pro and my colleague has the same with the same version :thinking:

Do the machines have different graphics cards, potentially?

No, we’ve verified and we have the same graphics cards :sweat_smile:

Ok. Let’s try a different angle. Are you using dual monitors? Occasionally we can see crashes with the addition of certain dual monitor setups.

I’m using two monitors, so I’ve tried using just the Mac but it is the same. Maybe it’s really the graphic card, idk :confused: thank you anyway

OK, that’s actually very helpful. I am pretty sure this is a bug and I think @martinb knows about it. It should be on our fix list. Hopefully we will have a solution soon.

Can you send us the crash report, please?
You can send it directly to me at martinb [at]

Done, thank you :slight_smile:
Anyway it’s the same that I’ve posted here