AE Crashes and Renders Disappearing on Remove Task

Hi there,
I tried to remove a sticker in a video. It worked fine with the remove tab and some clean frames.
I closed Mocha pro, The video looked fine in AE preview so I tried to export it : AE crashed.
here the log of the crash.
I thought it would be because of the GPU, so I went in Mocha to change it, first surprise : my removing rendering didn’t save (the tracking did save thought). each time I render, if I close the Mocha window and go back I have to render the removing again which is not normal.
Also after I switch GPU calulation for CPU in Mocha, the result is fine in the AE preview but when I export my comp, (which doesn’t crash this time) the Mocha effect is missing. It just exports my video without the removing of the sticker.
Thank you for helping me.

Problem on Adobe After Effect 23.2.0 and 22.6.4 (both are installed)
Mocha Pro Plugin 2022.5 Version 9.5.3 build 37.g93a5a2e98a2d
OS : Windows 11 Pro 64 bit 10.0
GC : Nvidia RTX 2070