AE Creating CC Power pins out of x-spline without using and tracking with planar surface

I am new to all of this. In Mocha Pro I don’t want to use the planar surface (tracker) to create power pins in after effects. In my case the planar surface won’t stick to the object because of the distance and reflections. I got the x-spline to track well when manually tracked. Can I create a corner pin (cc power pin) out of my x-spline? I only have four points. I want to convert them into corner / power pins. Can I pair / connect the planar surface to the x-spline without tracking it again? Might there be a trick, for example exporting the x-spline into an AE Mask and then converting the points of the mask back to x/y Coordinates for power pins? I don’t want to manually track the planar surface because I invested hours into getting the x spline to track correctly.

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Is anyone here open to work? I am currently working on a short film and need help with some scenes.

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You might be able to write an AE script to do this, but it would be an AE solution, not a Mocha one. See if someone has written a script like that on the AE forums? You can convert the Mocha spline into an AE spline. Off the top of my head, I do not know a script for this.

However, even if you invested hours in the spline, the better solution would have been to use adjust track over the track you had and animate that instead of the spline. The spline will follow the adjusted track.

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