AE CS6 mocha compatible Mavricks

Just installed OS 10.9.5 on my mac mini. Had to update both AE CS6 and codecs to get working. Now when I try to track with mocha, the image does not appear. Please help?


What was the codec you were using to track with?

Avid dnx hd

We have a problem reading Avid Codecs above version 2.3.7. The main workaround at present is to convert it to a different format for tracking.
Do you also have the Blackmagic codec installed?

hmmmm…I wasn’t having a problem with avid dnxhd before installing Mavericks.

I do have Blackmagic codecs installed; could that be the issue?

Try two things:

  1. First try going to preferences and turning off “Use Hardware rendering” in your version.
  2. If that doesn’t work, try removing the blackmagic codec from your QuickTime components and load mocha again

Did you update your avid codecs when updating the system?

It looks like the blackmagic codec may have been the issue. Mocha seems to be working now.

Thanks for the help.