Ae hanging on one frame after pasting shape data



I am having trouble in Ae after pasting shape data. Everything works in Mocha. I then copy/paste 4 visible layers in Ae to create a shape with blur (turns in to masks via the ‘plug-in’, and not using Ae masks or “paste mocha shape” but rather just “paste”). Everything works until I get to one particular frame. This causes the Ae video display to freeze and the CPU locks at 101%. I can use Ae, move things around, add new key frames, but the display is locked and won’t refresh. I have to force quit Ae to get rid of the locked state. Everything is fine until I get to that frame and the process repeats. If I delete the mocha data and restart Ae, the clip plays back just fine in Ae. I have deleted all the caches I could find. The next step I want to do is try and transcode the original media and see if that might help. It feels like a bit buggy, since the CPU is stuck at 100% and Ae won’t refresh the viewer display. Is there a way to shake loose some weird data without having to redo all the tracking and roto?



I think we would need to see your project file.

Can you email me the project (footage is unnecessary, just the .mocha file) to martinb[at]
Also state what frame the project stops on.

What happens if you use paste mocha mask?

Hi, Martin. I sent over the project file via email.

It happens on the 10th frame. Paste Mocha mask works, but they are much more difficult to work with.

Thank you!