AE masks mismatch with what's in Mocha Pro

Strange times… An x-spline layer that tracks properly in Mocha Pro won’t export correctly as an AE mask.

Frame rates, PAR, duration and in/outs are all correct. When applying and/or viewing the matte in the plugin, it all displays as it should. However, when i hit ‘create AE masks’ the resulting mask only gives me 1 keyframe every 24 frames. Seems there’s some kinda timing mismatch but creating track data gives me proper keys every frame but not the AE mask.

Is there an known issue with something like this? Working with r3d files at 23.976.

Do you have a time stretch on your layer?

I’d like to rule out a possibility. Just to be clear, when you say the track are you referring to the surface tool (what the track is doing) or the shape (where the track is looking)? Turn the surface tool on and make sure you can see it throughout the shot, if it disappears, it may be that the surface has gone behind the camera. This can cause these sorts of problems with exporting shapes.