AE Mocha length bug?


When I insert footage from AE to Mocha the length( speed ) don’t match.

I tried to use mocha for masking as usual, then I found something uncanny with length difference between AE and Mocha. So I Inserted 0:00:08:20 long footage in Mocha then I found that the length got shorter to 0:00:06:27 . Basically, it got faster ,which my initial thought was I could fix this by simply modifying the “length” in “Clip’s” “Footage streams” section. However, Mocha didn’t allow me to change more than 0:00:06:27 (207 in frames). As a result, either masking or tracking doesn’t match AE footage because a mask from Mocha is faster.


Is there a way to fix this? or is it really a bug? Please answer this question fast, I have a deadline to work with.

There are a few things to check here:

  1. Check the frame rate of the clip in mocha and AE to make sure they match. You should make sure the project frame rate is exact (in the file menu)
  2. Check to make sure the time stretch in AE hasn't modified the clip length
  3. Try an image sequence instead to make sure this isn't simply a header corruption for a trimmed clip. The exact frames should match for a sequence.
What is the codec you are using for the clip?