AE plugin - ACES workflow

I’m working with Aces EXR in AE.
So in AE, project settings, color, I’m using ACES SMPTE on a linear working space.
I’m also using “Display color management” in order to look the colors right on my rec709 display.

What would be the correct way to open the mocha plugin and continue looking at the right colors?
I’ve tried every combination and couldn’t find the right one.


Under Mocha’s Viewer Preferences, what is your working space and Display View set to?
Normally we adopt the same settings.

On my Mocha´s preferences I have the working space set as “scene linear” and my display view at “sRGB”.
But I´ve already tried many combinations and nothing seems to work.
I guess that my working space should be “ACES SMPTE” or something similar, but there is no ACES option in there. And my display view should be Rec709?
Thanks for your help!

This is what it is set to for my ACES cg setup with linearized workspace in AE:

However, if you’re working in a rec709 view space, you should just be able to change the Display View to rec709.

Was the AE project colorspace or bit-depth changed while Mocha was applied? It shouldn’t matter, but I’m checking to see the exact setup.

Do you have a sample screen grab you can show?

Thanks for the help Martin.
Screen grabs here:

My footage (EXR) is interpreted like this:

Any ideas?

So while we should be interpreting the ACES linear space correctly, it appears to be slightly off. I’ll need to check in with the dev team on this one.

Keep in mind this won’t affect the actual output in After Effects, however, as it’s converted back.

One way to circumvent not having the right direct color match would be to load the specific ACES config via the OCIO config path. You would need to download the ACES profile you’re using then load the config.ocio:

Either way, i’ll check in with the dev team about why this profile isn’t transferring directly.

Dev team has confirmed this is the way to go.
Since you’re using an ACES rec 709 display workflow, it’s easier to manage that with the direct ACES config file I posted above to you get a proper 1-to-1 colorspace match.

That worked. Thanks a lot!!

Just to concur, I had the exact same problem. OCIO is the way to go, without doubt.

If it’s of any help to you or others, here is a link to the AEBlues YouTube that has a two-part AE color management series that’s easily the best I’ve ever watched (and I’ve been doing this a looooong time);


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