After Effects 2022.3 compatibility

So Creative Cloud has updated my copy of After Effects which is apparently now incompatible with the Silhouette plug-in – at least if you’re on an M1 Mac. The workaround is to enable Rosetta in the After Effects Get Info window. But I’m curious if there’s a good workflow for using this M1 After Effects with the Silhouette Stand Alone so I can take optimal advantage of both programs. I imagine Silhouette will be updated at some point, but who knows.

Thanks for any suggestions anyone has.

Silhouette still isn’t supported on M1 mac, so we don’t currently have a workaround, but should be supported in Silhouette 2022, which is coming out soon.

Hopefully REAL soon. I’ve got a paid product that can’t be used correctly. Funny how you state “isn’t supported” but Marco states in another forum thread, “…but the Silhouette 2021.5 running in Rosetta mode works without issue.” Mine isn’t working “without issue”. Please get this new version out to customers.

The dev team is working as fast as they can. I will let @marco know you are having show-stopping trouble.

“Not supported” means that we can’t guarantee if something will or won’t work on a given system or in a given host, not that we guarantee it will or won’t work. This is why you can see responses like “works without issue” for some people and “will not work” for others for different machines.

As soon is the product is releasable, it will be released, and that will be soon.

@ernesttxyahoo-com-2 What is the issue you are having while running Silhouette 2021.5 in Rosetta mode?

So, short story - working again.
Long story, laptop M1 Max 64GB, working at home all was fine. Disconnect laptop (ie, external drives, monitor, etc) to go remote and just work from laptop. When I opened the project file (host is Fusion 17 running in Rosetta mode) I wasn’t able to see the strokes being painted using Paint node. When using hotkeys for next/previous frames, the preview window was not updating (that is showing the next or previous frame). Checked everything, reboot, fresh start, etc. Nothing seemed to work. Couldn’t do any remote work. Back home today, reconnect everything, open file - same behavior. Now, since second monitor is bigger and height of top is just above eye level, I noticed that the “Update” drop down menu was showing “Manual”. I wouldn’t have set that myself as I wouldn’t have a need for that mode. So, somehow, that setting got changed. After watching one of the videos on your site, I remembered now that that setting wouldn’t update anything unless a manual change was done somewhere and seemed like the behavior I was seeing. Made change back to “Drag” and all is working again. Not sure who that mode would be for, but, I wouldn’t use it. I’ll take some blame on this one, but need to see if there is any font or color scheme changes so menu/drop down items have a bit more contrast (white on light gray is ok but nothing stands out). Otherwise , not sure modes could be lockable. I’ll need to see if any of the other saved projects open with that mode changed. Or is the mode set in a program config file rather than the file itself?

The state of the update mode is remembered. Manual mode is useful for large, processor intensive trees that take a while to render. In Manual mode, pressing the Enter key forces an update.