After Effects, Camera Solve and M1 Mac

I cannot find a Camera Solve importer plug-in for After Effects that will work without opening After Effects in Rosetta. The release notes talk about After Effects CC and the EULA is dated 2019. Is version 9.5.3 the latest version?

It is a real pain to have to close After Effects, go to the finder and find the AE app, open the Info panel, select Open Using Rosetta, open the project again, then copy and paste the data, then save, close, remove the Open Using Rosetta, then open AE again and get back to work.

I would appreciate any info on how to use the 3D solve data from Mocha Pro on an M1 Mac.

Well I had AE 22.5.0 crash while working in Rosetta, had to reboot to get AE to open again, and now 9.5.3 is available without running AE in Rosetta.

That problem is solved, now I just have to figure out why all of my nulls are scaled to 1%.