After Effects continuously crashing, "S_edgeblur plug-in generated an unexpected exception"

The past two projects I have worked on and used After effects have ran into the same problem and I can no longer work on them, as they will crash almost instantly.

The most recent project was working fine, until I added a second S_edgeblur layer, and a S_flicker layer, shortly after the problem showed up. After Effects no longer responds, and then a pop up that says “S_edgeblur plug-in generated an unexpected exception”. I am then given an option to save and After Effects closes.

I am using the most recent version of Sapphire and After Effects as of 10/19, I have an intel core i7, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650, and 32 gbs of RAM

I have tried uninstalling both AE and sapphire.

have you found a solution? I have the exact same problem. AE doesn’t respond and then i get the same error message “…plug-in generated an unexpected exception”


Please fill out support tickets with our team so we can document, reproduce, and fix these issues. This forum is intended for tips and tricks, not support.