After Effects crashes when Sapphire is installed

I recently did a fresh install of Windows 11, After Effects, and Sapphire plugins.

While using S_distort, After Effects crashes. Upon re-opening the project, the viewport won’t render or remains as a black screen. If I try to make changes, the program becomes unresponsive and requires a force-quit through the task manager.

This makes most of my project files ruined and unusable, bringing all of my jobs to a hault. Meaning I can no longer make money as a professional VFX artist.

I tried reinstalling everything. The problem persists.

An Adobe agent helped me by reinstalling all Adobe software, then installing a fresh instance of After Effects (without any plugins installed), and everything is good as new.

If I install Sapphire, it starts crashing again.

Is this a bug with the current release of Sapphire?

I cannot believe that I’m paying $55 per month for Adobe, and $59 per month for Sapphire, and this doesn’t even work properly.

We worked together on this one and discovered a bug in Sapphire 2023.1. A workaround until we get a fix in is to revert back to Sapphire 2023.0. Great job hunting down this one and reporting!

Hi, Just going to bed but thought I’d see what S_Distort did on my system, this was the result on a UHD AVC MP4 :man_shrugging: Just sharing :wink: