AFter Effects error when applying any FX

When applying any BCC Continuum 2021 effect I get the following error in After Effects CS6 “Not able to acquire AEFX Suite”. The error box can’t be cleared and I have to end it in Task Manager. Anyone know how to fix it?

Hi, David,

Continuum 2021 no longer officially supports versions of AE that old and it sounds like perhaps Continuum is trying to use a newer AE feature that is simply unsupported by CS6. There could be other possible explanations but that is the most likely. I don’t have much to offer in terms of possible workarounds except updating AE or trying an older version of Continuum.


I can understand why that would cause a problem. Is it possible to install an older Adobe version alongside the current OFX plugin? I don’t want to risk messing up my system by trying it on the off chance that it might work.

It should be fine to have a different version of Continuum for OFX and Adobe. The software and installers should be fully independent of each other. So for example you could have Continuum 2021 for OFX and Continuum 2019 for Adobe and that should be fine. For the record, the AVX and FxPlug versions of Continuum are also independent - so all four flavors could use different versions at the same time.


Problem solved thanks Jason. I uninstalled 2021 and installed 2020.5 13_5_1 and After Effects CS6 now runs fine.

Thanks for your help.

That’s good to hear! Thanks for sharing the details.