After Effects mask using corner pin shape not planar surface shape

Hi, I’m new to mocha. I have footage of a hand holding a soap package, and I want to replace the pack shot with another pack. Just like screen replacement, only with a pack. I was able to replace the pack in mocha pro 2019 - and the track looks great. The replacement pack fits and moves perfectly. However, I wanted to color correct the new pack - and when applying the ‘create ae masks’ command - the mask created is using the corner pin shape data, and not the planar surface data. I did define the planar surface in mocha ae, and it is tracking well. However, I can see that the outline of the x-spline I used to create the track is the same shape now being used in after effects to define the mask - not the planar surface - so the color correction spills outside of the replacement pack. Any thoughts? Thank you.

Hi there,

You can simply use the “insert only” render option to render the insert and then color correct that. Or you can make a new mask for the edges of your box and use that as your spline. Or you can use the insert only as a track matte for the color corrected layer. There’s a few ways to do this. In general though, if you’re using a mask, that’s what the matte will be, not the surface tool, unless you have “render insert only” selected.

If you’re doing this with a corner pin, I’d make a mask for the box and use it as a track matte for the corner pin.


Thank you, Mary.

I’ll try the track matte approach.